Tista is one of the beautiful castles in Sweden. In 1983 this private owned castle was declared a cultural monument and, at the same time, a renovation project was commenced under the aegis of the Central Board of National Antiquities.


Formerly, this was the site of a wooden mansion dating from the beginning of the seventeenth century. The imposing avenue, the bridge and the terraces are still to be found today. The stone castle was finished 1771, with the fantastic rococo interior in contrast to the elegant facade with neoclassical features.This was the time when the rococo was slowly being replaced by the neoclassical style.

Since 1812 the castle has been owned by the Wachtmeister, and is now being managed by Annelie and Gustaf Wachtmeister. Today Tista is open for groups booked in advance, all of which are showed the castle by members of the family. They are told the interesting history and also how the family live and work today.


Also there are the possibility for smaller groups to have exclusive conferences in an environment the 18´th century. The castle take up to 13 overnight guests. For unforgettable diners up to 40 guests.


Price always after agreement.


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